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It's roughly 290kms from Perth to Margaret River and it takes around 3 hours (non-stop). The speed limit varies (maximum 110kmh) and we urge drivers to watch out for signs and to take care, particularly at dusk (and south of Bunbury) when kangaroos can be out and about.

It's a 23.3 hectare (57 acre) block with stands of mature eucalypt trees. Our 9 cottages are located on the southern half of the block, with space between - except for the Superior Studios which are conjoined.

The original 2 X 2-bedroom (1 bathroom) cottages (#1 and 2) and 1 X 3-bedroom (1 bathroom) cottage(#3) were built in 1997. Then, following their purchase of the property in 2009, the present owners added 2 X 2-bedroom (1 bathroom) Cottages (#5 and 6) in 2010, 2 X 3-bedroom (2 bathroom) cottages (#7 and 8) in 2012 and 2 X Superior (1 bathroom) Studios (#4A and 4B) In 2016.

Our managers fulfil a part-time role and the office is only officially open between 8am and 10am. At other times, they may be undertaking cleaning and other duties on the property, or be out collecting provisions. Unless prior arrangements have been made, arriving guests can collect their key from the notice board alongside the office door and proceed to the cottage number as shown. In such instances, we would ask that you visit the office between 8 and 10am on the following day – to complete registration requirements. In an emergency, the manager will be available via telephone – 0428 588 005.

Guests must not exceed 10kmh anywhere on the property – to maintain a safe environment for animals and children. Any intending guests who do not believe they can comply are (respectfully) encouraged to choose another property.

Well-behaved pets are welcome however strict rules apply. Pets are not permitted within the cottages; they must be on a leash when outside the cottage's fenced area; and must be taken out when guests leave the property. Droppings should be collected and disposed of in appropriate bins and pets should not be permitted to annoy other guests.

We love seeing well-behaved children around the property. We do ask, however, that parents oversee the activities of their youngsters and discourage them from feeding the animals away from official feeding activities on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays.

8 of our cottages are constructed of brick & iron, whilst #3 is timber with iron roof. They’re compact and simple in design (with an open living / dining kitchen area), but are ideal for short term accommodation.

All cottages have an open-plan living area (with fully-equipped kitchen, dining suite, living room furniture and TV / DVD player). All have reverse-cycle air-conditioning in the living area and all, except the Studios (4A & 4B), have pot-belly wood-fired stoves. All linen is supplied and beds are made up. In the bathroom, there’s a vanity unit, shower and toilet; and we supply towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner and toilet paper. On the spacious front verandah is an outdoor setting and gas-fired BBQ. Firewood is provided (except during fire ban periods which range from November-April).

Tariffs include the accommodation of 2 persons in Superior Studios, 4 in 2-bedroom cottages and 6 in 3-bedroom cottages. An extra 2 can be accommodated in the Studios and 3-bedroom Cottages and an extra 1 in 2-bedroom Cottages – on payment of extra bed charges.

This is a self-catering property however, to assist guests on the morning after their arrival, we provide a 'starter' breakfast, consisting of 1 small packet of cereal (per person), milk, orange juice, slices of bread (for toasting), spreads and sachets of coffee, tea, sugar, salt and pepper. Beyond this, guests must cater for all their own food requirements, there being 3 supermarkets and numerous food outlets within 5kms. We also provide supplies of toilet paper, soaps, shampoo and conditioner. Additional supplies of toilet paper can be obtained from the office. Replacement towels can be requested after 4 days; and a mid-stay clean is offered when guests stay 7 (and more) nights. We do not provide a daily clean and guests are expected to maintain the cottage throughout their stay.

Between mid-May & mid-September, the temperature in Margaret River drops significantly and locals dress warmly and for comfort rather than style. During this period (in living rooms), guests can choose between reverse-cycle air-conditioning and (except for the Superior Studios) very efficient pot-belly wood fires - which would normally be lit around 5pm, kept topped up with wood through the evening, then closed before slipping off to bed. Between mid-September and mid-April, the cottages are (mostly) comfortable through the day and can be cooled down by opening doors & windows. Only the security-conscious will find it necessary to use the air-conditioning unit in the living rooms. There are ceiling fans, also, in the bedrooms (other than the double bunk bedrooms). For all but December, January & February, warm clothing is recommended for the evenings. Please note that a total fire ban will be announced for periods between November & April, during which time firewood will be removed from cottages and fires are banned.

We supply microfibre pillows and quilts, as well as blankets. Guests from Western Australia might wish to bring along their own pillows to get the most from their stay as experience tells us that what's good for one is not necessarily good for another. Hard beds as to soft beds, fluffy pillows as to hard pillows…sorry folks, but we can't cater to particular fancies.

Our internet service is provided via distribution across the property from a stack of mobile devices and is, therefore, restricted. Mobile connectivity is generally okay, but please bear in mind that we're 5kms from the nearest tower. It's one of the downsides of living in the country folks, but the internet is not why you've chosen to stay.

Margaret River Hideaway is farmstay, a retreat, a place where you can cast off your every-day cares and regather your strength. It's not somewhere you should come if you have expectations of anything glitzy or glamorous. In good weather, you will probably sit outside with a cup of tea or a glass of wine; and stroll around the property noting our wonderful trees, birds and animals. In winter, you will most likely relax inside while the rain hits the roof with enthusiasm. You will LOVE having the farm animals roaming outside your accommodation and nearby the 'chook' shed.

Around the accommodation and property, you might see such species as Splendid Fairy Wren, Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, Red-Winged Fairy Wren, White-Eared Honeyeater, Willie Wagtail, Western Rosella, Red Wattlebird, Common Bronzewing, White-Naped Honeyeater, Southern Boobook Owl, Ring-Necked Parrot, Galah, Australian Magpie, Great Fantail, Laughing Kookaburra, New Holland Honeyeater, Silvereye, Long-Tailed Black-Cockatoo, White-Browed Scrubwren or Scarlet Robin.

You can expect to see sheep, alpaca, cattle, emus, peacocks, guinea fowl, geese, ducks and chickens around the property. In February of 2024 we welcomed Tweedledum & Tweedledee (2 gorgeous Scottish Highland steers) who will grow in stature as the years roll by. We don’t have kangaroos (which are wild animals), goats (because they eat everything) or pigs (because they can’t be house-trained).

There's a coin-operated washer and dryer in the laundry behind the manager's residence. We regret we can’t provide more facilities due to a shortage of water and insufficient power. Again, this is due to the fact that we reside in the country.

We're a rural property and rely on captured rainfall and artesian water. This is stored in tanks around the property before being pumped to the cottages. Some guests will choose to boil the water before drinking, or purchase bottled water from the township.

Water is a critical issue and we do ask that guests restrict showering time.

We've installed Aerobic Treatment Units (ATUs) to handle wastewater. These ATUs filter and treat the waste before pumping it out to the bush. Note: You should flush toilet paper down the toilets – BUT NOTHING ELSE!

The average length of stay at Margaret River Hideaway is a little more than 3 nights however guests have told us (via questionnaires) that their preferred stay is upward of 4. Perhaps that means you should try, by all means possible, to extend your stay by a night longer than you had initially thought.

'All About Margaret River' offers half & full day tours, with fewer than 12 participants and with our guests receiving a 10% discount. Go to and enter the promotional code MRC10 against the relevant tour. But please be aware that you will need to book well in advance.
For other information, check with the Margaret River Visitor Centre on (08) 9780 5911 or visit their website…